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Motorwind Turbines

 motorwind turbine

Dit is weliswaar geen "vrije" energie maar zo'n mooi ontwerp dat ik het hier toch neerzet. 

Motorwind Turbines explained in more detail, how they work, how they compare to other systems, how they fit into the bigger picture and what their future is.

Motorwind was invented by Lucien Gambarota and is distributed by PHIECO in Africa headed by James C. Lech. Motorwind micro wind turbines are scalable enabling the installation of systems that produce a few watts, kW to hundreds of MW. The turbines can be installed in a vertical axis wind turbine array (VAWT) or horizontal axis wind turbine array (HAWT). The enable signage, advertising while at the same time generating a renewable energy solution that is affordable, robust and scalable due to it's a ability to be mass produced.

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